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CUENOD is one of the leading European burner manufacturer. These burners are manufactured to the highest standards of quality control. Through their extensive investment in research and development.
Cuenod is able to offer a number of innovative patented systems to further enhance the efficiency and operation of their burner systems. Cuenod has designed and manufactured a complete range of Gas, Oil as well as Dual Fuel burners.
Gas Burners are available in capacities between 14.5 to 4500 KW. These burners come along with Gas Valve multibloc. Oil Burners are available in capacities between 16 to 5000 KW. Dual Fuel burners are available in capacities between 35 to 4600 KW which can be used both in Gas as well as Oil.
The Filters GFK..R,GFK..F and valves AK..50, AK..B3, AKT 25-100, AKT 125-200, Gas filter with polypropylene fleece filter pad (standard 50 µm) for cleaning gas and air.Manual valves for manual shut-off, for gas, air and water.GIK regulators hold constant gas/air ratios on nozzle mix and premix burner systems.
GIKH regulators allow precise, repeatable control of gas/air ratios on preheated air combustion systems. GDJ regulators are general-purpose regulators for controlling gas pressure to furnace ovens and other gas-consuming appliances.VGBF regulators are general-purpose regulators for controlling gas pressure to furnaces, ovens, and other gas consuming equipment. JSAV regulator to protect against high pressure for valves downstream from a gas regulator

DG… Diaphragm pressure switches with micro switch for monitoring gas pressures on industrial installations, for gas and air. The butterfly valve BVG/BGH is designed to adjust volumes of gas, cold and hot air, and flue gas on various appliances and flue gas lines.
The TGI Ignition Transformer is designed for high-voltage spark ignition of gas burners and gas-ignited or directly ignited oil burners.The ionization pilot burner ZAI is for the safe ignition and flame protection of atmospheric burners in conjunction with automatic burner controls IFS and the PF-19 Burner Control System. The burner control unit BCU 370 controls, ignites and monitors industrial forced draught burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent or continuous operation.
Carborundum Universal Ltd is a largest high alumina ceramic manufacturing company in India. They are an industrial ceramic material-based products and service provider, with operations spread across three business segments namely Abrasives, Ceramics and Electrominerals. Insulated Electrodes are used in three roles as Igniters, Flame Detecting Probes or Liquid Level Probes in conjunction with appropriate control equipment. In the igniter and flame detector application sealing of the conductor to the ceramic is unimportant, but for liquid lever control it generally is, particularly in steam raising or other process plants where the process involves pressure. Lighting of burners, using oil or gas as their fuel, is achieved by a spark generated between a pair of high voltage insulated electrodes placed near their burners These electrodes are ideal for pre-mix gas burners which have been used extensively in Hot water boilers, Oven, Condensing boilers, Air heaters, Drying machines, Spray booths, Process heaters, Range cookers, Steam boilers etc. CUMITUFF Ignition Electrodes, by the use of 95% Alumina as insulator, possess superior mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance.
Solenoid Valves
Parker’s Fluid Control Division Europe, manufactures fluid control solenoid valves. Working mainly in the area of fluid control and pneumatics, Lucifer solenoid valves and electro-pneumatic pressure regulators are found in chemical, paper, printing and food applications.
In the 90’s Parker Hannifin acquired the Lucifer and together with further acquisitions including Gessate in Italy sees the Fluid Control Division Europe as a world leader and innovator of Solenoid valve and electro-pneumatic technology. Parker manufactures 2,3,and 4 way valves for general industrial and commercial uses. Parker valves are good for water, oil, gases, cryogenics and steam service and Parker can make a special valve for your unique OEM application.
RBL (509 SE / 525 SE / RMG / RMO)
These are controllers and oil pumps for Oil burners. These are controllers for Gas burners. The burner controls are designed for the startup and supervision of single- or multistage forced draft burners in intermittent operation. The RMG... for forced draft gas burners. When firing on gas, the flame is supervised with an ionization probe or flame detector QRA.. (with ancillary unit AGQ2...A27 The burner controls are designed for the startup and supervision of single- or multistage forced draft burners in intermittent operation. The RMO... is for use with forced draft oil burners, the RMG... for forced draft gas burners. When firing on oil, yellow-burning flames are supervised with photoresistive detectors QRB1B..., and blue-burning flames with blue-flame detectors QRC... When firing on gas, the flame is supervised
  Spares & Accessories
The Hose Pipe are used in Oil burners. These are attached to fuel pumps for inlet and outlet of Oil/Fuel.
Pump Coupling
The Pump coupling are used in fuel pumps. They are attached on the shaft of the pumps.
Seven Pole connector
These are used for electrical input in the burners.
Burner Motor
These are used in Gas / Oil burners.